How about St John Island?

If you are new to Singapore, then it is high time to gain good insight into the associated beauty of the place. Situated around a distance of 6.5 km at the south point of Singapore, you must not miss the spot of St. John Island. It was previously known as Pulau Sekijang Bendras. You will definitely enjoy the makings of an idyllic getaway.

Enjoyable Activities on St. John’s Island Holiday

Some of the enjoyable activities involved into this spot include soaking up the sun, enjoying picnic with your best chaps on the sandy beach along with exploring several winding tracks of the island and simply lazing the day away by the lagoon. The estimated area of the island is near about 39 hectare.

The place is well known to be a haven for a host of flora and fauna. The Tropical Marine Science Institute along with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Marine Aquaculture Centre of Singapore is also situated on that spot. In case you are planning to stay on the island, then it is advised to book the Holiday Bungalow.

Rates Regarding Holiday Camps

The place is comfortably arranged which includes a highly comfortably furnished kitchen. It holds the space to adjust at least 10 guys with practically in a troublesome manner. It is a home outside your own home! It is well equipped with some basic cooking facilities so that you can cater or even enjoy having a BBQ. Other than camping, everything is permitted.

The holiday camp rates have been distributed as under:

  • Between Sunday and Thursday – S$64.20 on a daily basis
  • Friday, Saturday and public holidays – S$107 on a daily basis

Bookings can be done well in advance before two months!

Ferry Service towards St. John’s Island

It is high time to consider an important fact! During the Kusu Pilgrimage Season that lies between October to November, regular service of ferry to St. John’s Island remains suspended on a temporary basis. Visitors who desire to visit the spot during that particular period make boat arrangements on their own from Marina South Pier.

In general, the price of tickets for booking of ferries has been distributed as under:

  • Children falling within the age group of 1-12 years are supposed to pay S$12 individually
  • Adults above 12 years need to pay S$18 to board ferry to St. John Island Singapore

Tickets are sold at Marina South Pier itself. As there are many ferries, you will definitely get another in case you miss the first one. No need to be in a hurry as due care is taken for all. In case of bad weather, sometimes ferry services are duly suspended without any prior notice as it is at the discretion of Management.

You need to contact Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services Pvt. Ltd. at the time of accessing other southern islands that are not listed into the daily ferry schedule.  You may also easily avail commercial chartering of ferries along with corporate and private functions in the same manner.


Cameron Highlands Transportation

The Cameron Highlands is a good country range in Malaysia, a couple of hours from Kuala Lumpur. It is a cool and invigorating change of climate contrasted with whatever is left of tropical Malaysia. It is a prominent occasion destination for neighborhood Malaysians hoping to beat the heat yet outside tourists also can have a lovely relief from the stickiness. Cameron Highlands is a largish range containing a few residential communities. It has some fantastic sunrise perspectives and later amid the day, the clouds drop around the point and it’s anything but difficult to imagine that you’re strolling in the sky. In case you’re in fortunes and it’s the opportune time, you could see the Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world.


Malaysia express bus from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron service are one of the legitimate bus service supplier which give agreeable express bus service from Cameron Highland to significant urban areas in Malaysia and additionally the returned services from real urban communities in Malaysia to Cameron Highland. They give one of the exceedingly looked for after service, which is the express bus service interfacing Cameron Highland and Kuala Lumpur. The takeoff from Easybook bus to klia2 is strategically placed at counter 41 in Pudu Sentral (or Pudu Raya). Suburbanite can without much of a stretch touch base at Pudu Sentral by open transport or taxi.

Closest LRT station is Plaza Rakyat LRT, which is simply right next to Pudu sentral. With respect to arrival in Cameron Highland, they end at Tanah Rata bus terminal (or FREESIA bus terminal) and Cameron Highland Tourist Information Center. Tanah Rata is one of the top tourist destinations in Cameron Highland, and it is effectively associated with adjacent attractions such as Brinchang and Strawberry Park. Another Malaysia express bus’s renowned route is Cameron Highland to Penang and returned service Penang to Cameron Highland. The arrival point in Penang is at Komtar Georgetown, which is at the heart of the Penang Island.

Considering the lofty turn and slender street of the trip to Cameron Highland, the experienced and all around prepared work power driver in the group (Malaysia express bus) is their leeway since they endeavor to give travelers the safest and most agreeable excursion. Armadas are furnished with roomy seat, particularly for leg room separating where leg can be fix, and flexible. The foot resting is additionally exceptionally intended to give a superior and agreeable backing. With around 4 hours venture between Cameron Highland and Kuala Lumpur and additionally Cameron Highland and Penang, roomy seat and adequate leg space would be added advantages to travelers traveling with Malaysia express bus.

You can book tickets from the ticket counter or can go Malaysia express bus online web portal. You will get all the necessary details about the whole journey from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron highland in specific detailing along with pictures.


Trip to Pulau Tioman

A trip to the Tioman islands during a particular vacation is one plan that is being set up by a greater section of people who are planning for short trips. Tioman Island is known to provide tourists from all across the globe with some of the most exotic sightseeing venues and let the tourist experience a close proximity with nature.

feeding-fishIn case of a trip like this, the first drop point is generally Mersing. Here lies another aspect of this entire trip. You are transported through a small ferry ride from Mersing to Tioman within a certain time span. This is one ride that is certainly looked up to by tourists who visit the place. The only thing that you need to do in this case is book a ferry to Tioman in advance so as to be able to travel on time. Speed ferry is considered to be the best way to reach the island of Tioman with ease. The recent times has seen the advent of the facility of online booking the case of ferries as well. This has helped the common masses in being able to book their tickets with some of the top holiday package providers operating in the realm. You get the opportunity to book the tickets right from your residence itself just in case you want to avoid the rush of the crowd when you stand in front of a ticket counter. The ferries that transport you to the islands are air conditioned and let you have a confortable journey.

What to expect when you are on the island?

Situated in the South China Sea, Tioman is considered to be a holiday paradise for tourists from across the globe. It is known to be one of the best getaway islands in the world. The history of the island suggests that there is a mythical relevance of the island as well. If you are one of a kind who has a great taste for adventures, Tioman definitely has a lot to offer to you at all times. In fact it is one of the best diving spots for people who are into diving. If you are looking for to a holiday trip where you can spend a couple of days in leisure, then this is the place that you should actually consider thinking of. What better could you expect than spending moments of peace on an island surrounded by ten mesmerizing blue waters and a breathtaking scenic beauty? Away from the hassles of city life, this island lets you have a few moments of peace in the true sense of the term. The greenery that surrounds you is a home to a number of vivid plant lives that you might not find in all places. There are in fact a number of television shows that have actually documented this wonderful life that surrounds the entire island. You can take a stroll, a lovely swim or practically do anything to relax you for a certain time span. It is a mode of relaxation for both mind and body.


Malaysia Train KTM Services

The beautiful nation of Malaysia in the South eastern part of the Asian subcontinent is drawing more and more tourists with each passing day via its absolutely successful and popular tourism promotional drive which boasts of Malaysia being “truly Asia” as their tagline.

While Malaysia is a perfect blend of modern skylines, picturesque beaches, historical sites, exotic people, wild terrain and a mix of European, Indian, Chinese and Malay influence on the region, this place offers almost everything to all sorts of traveler, the adventure seeker to the nature lovers alike.

Malaysian train services; KTM


Given the fact that this country is not a small one and while exploring the nation, a travel needs to traverse large distances at a given point in time, the best commute that they can take is the rail route which is the very popular Malaysian intercity train services offered by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad or KTM rail services.

While almost all the train travels are rather comfortable, the class matters to a bit of extent where the amenities and the luxuries are on a higher side. The tickets for the train services in Malaysia can be booked easily in advance with the help of online means via the national railway of ktm Malaysia or might also be bought from the ticket counters available at the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

While the normal second class tickets come at rather cheaper rates starting from RM 20, in case you are on a better budget though it would not be exorbitantly costly for sure, you are welcome to commute by the first class and the VIP travel options available which are luxurious and yes, with sleeper facility and much more amenities.

However, all said and done, commuting within Malaysia is safe, affordable, convenient and better in terms of ease, all of which are necessary while on a trip!